• D.I.Y
    <p>Here you will find jewelry DIY materials to make your own creations and create your own style. Choose cords or chains, metallic elements, beads, shells and rings and make your own jewelry and accessories.</p>
  • Sandals
  • Beads
  • Summer 2020
  • Autumn / Winter 2020 -...
    <p>winter elements and jewerlies for the season 2020. Necklaces , bracelets , earrings, rings and body- chains for women and mens. Discover our new collection.</p>
  • March
  • Χειροποίητα Κοσμήματα
    <p><strong>Handmade jewelry</strong> made to stand out. Rings, earings, necklaces and bracelets created by our hands</p>

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€9.60 €12.00 20% Off
€2.32 €2.90 20% Off
€1.84 €2.30 20% Off

Large hoop earrings with gold plated and wonderful gold details with enamel.


Necklace with gold-plated chain T clasp and wonderful gold details with enamel.

Thick chain gold plated aluminium 40 cm, Top choice for impressive outfit

Necklace with chain that you will it all day and night.  Easy clip , best to combine.

Wonderful simple silver bracelet durable in the  water  of Greek creation.


Gorgeous simple silver bracelet forged resistant made in Greece.


Stamp Ring  coloured. The Ring is adjustable for most finger numbers. Gold-plated with enamel, excellent quality.


Big Ring with blank heart. The Ring is adjustable for most finger numbers. Gold-plated, silver-plated and excellent quality, durable over time.

As soon as you see the subject, you blush for joy,  carved ring with enamel  in colours, red, black and light blue. The Ring is adjustable  for most finger numbers. Gold-plated and excellent separately in time.

€9.60 €12.00 -20%

Hanging with the most realistic mermaid tail came to catch all eyes. Available in Gold and Silver.

€2.32 €2.90 -20%

Dolphin tail for hanging in incredible shades.

€1.84 €2.30 -20%

Mermaid tail with realistic shape in gold and silver


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