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Here you will find jewelry DIY materials to make your own creations and create your own style. Choose cords or chains, metallic elements, beads, shells and rings and make your own jewelry and accessories.

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€2.40 €4.00 40% Off
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Purchase by measure. Aluminum chain in two matte colors pink and bright green / Turquoise.

Thickness 3 mm and ring diameter 2 cm.

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€2.90 €5.50
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Handmade Stainer steel  bar tube 2 mm in diameter in 9 wonderful colors ( light purple - pink - yellow - white - black - blue - turquoise - light blue- red ) painted with enamel and eye on the edge. All made one by one. Handmade 

Material for Necklace and Bracelet!

If you are interested in wholesale price, invoice and more than 30 pieces, the price is 1.90 euros + VAT. The deduction of the amount is done automatically by us in the issuance of the invoice. In any case, contact us.

€2.40 €4.00 -40%

Shell with gold or silver integument made of pebbles ready to create a piece of jewellery and bring you the feeling of summer.

€4.74 €7.90 -40%

White cowrie shells  30 pcs packing 7.90 euro.

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