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Square glass bead with an eye made of enamel on one side. Dimensions 1x1x1 cm and hole 4 mm in diameter .

 Pineapple in wonderful 3 colors. It is painted with electrostatic paint for perfect result and durability.


The heart of summer is ready to be worn in whatever you can imagine ..... in a necklace, in an earring ....... don't bother me I will let your imagination create a wonderful piece of jewelry


*Blue Bead square and traditional

*With a large hole in the center about 3 mm

*Complete your outlook with chain and the blue bead layering 

* Brass beads in three colours gold, silver and black. 10 pcs 1,50 €

* You can use it as a decoration or as a finish for your cords and laces.

* Round glass eye, white - quartz and centre black. 10 PCS 1,70 € 

* Suitable for decorating your bracelets / necklace

* It gives more colour, beauty and style to your creations. 


In Greece, known as the tear of the Virgin Mary, and the monks cultivate it to make the marshmallows.

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