Autumn / Winter 2020 - 2021 / Lucky Charms

winter elements and jewerlies for the season 2020. Necklaces , bracelets , earrings, rings and body- chains for women and mens. Discover our new collection.


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  • Color: Pink
€13.30 €19.00 30% Off
€6.30 €9.00 30% Off
€13.30 €19.00 -30%

too much in love "Gold"

Sterling silver 925 gold plated k18 single stone ring with 4 mm Swarovski stone.

Chic ring from our premium silver collection.

The ring is open and it is adjustable to fit all beautiful female fingers

In five different colors, green, white, pink, dark red and black 

€6.30 €9.00 -30%

* Pendant gold bow with arrow with mineral moonstone is the stone of the new beginning.

* Send your arrows to your loved one and show him/her your love.

* The chords are Available in different colours 

* Choose the colour you want on the chord.

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