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About Us

We create our products carefully. From the hands of our designers right into yours.

In 2004 the first RinTinTin was opened and it is the paradise of those who are crazy about accessories!


RinTinTin is a place full of color and inspiration where you will find handmade funky, pop & ethnic jewelry and decorations, handmade exclusively by RinTinTin girls.


At RinTinTin you will also find what materials (DIY) you need to make your own unique jewelry with little money.


RinTinTin girls are always in the mood to give you original ideas for your own creations!


There are three RinTinTin stores and you will find them in the following places:



Tsimiski 113 & Dim. Fur corner, T: +30 2310 273 117

Karipi 16, Bezesteni area (old market) Tel .: 2310 2310 244 412


email: [email protected]


Bulgaria, Bansko (NEW SHOP 2017)

Pirin 82 str, T: +359 74 992 493


email: [email protected]

kostas mellios

About RinTinTin

My name is Mellios Konstantinos and I was born on 1/3/1975 in Thessaloniki (Mr. Toumpa), I grew up and studied in Thessaloniki. My profession is Silver and Gold Diamond Binder, gemologist and jewelry designer, with collaborations with large local jewelry companies (eg Oro Bildiridis – 9 years of collaboration, etc.). Since 2004, the company RIN TIN TIN was created in the city center (Karipi 16 closed in 2019) and in Tsimiski 113.

From 2007 until today we design materials for jewelry and jewelry from metals such as ZAMAK, brass, silver, Gold and materials such as glass – plexiglass – wood, etc. We use techniques that are new and timeless that give maximum in appearance and quality in our products. We are active in their wholesale and retail sales. Our inspiration is Greece and our motto “Nothing more beautiful than Greece”

Kostas Mellios

We shape light so our products could make the future brighter. Not darker.

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