Tips πως να φορέσεις τα Κοσμήματα σου στις διακοπές

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Tips πως να φορέσεις τα Κοσμήματα σου στις διακοπές

Tips on how to wear your jewelry on vacation

Are you ready for the coveted summer vacation? Have you prepared your luggage with all the necessary clothes and shoes, but have not yet decided with which jewelry to combine them? Below we have prepared some useful tips for which jewelry you should take with you and how to combine them for stunning looks from morning to night.

Ideas and tips on how to wear your jewelry on your summer vacation

• Jewelry from durable laces: They are ideal to be worn from morning to night. Thanks to their high strength and durability, they can be worn even in the pool or on the beach during your swim. They match all clothes, depending on the style and occasion you can add details such as metal symbols, shells or colorful beads.

• Vintage Plastic Jewelry: the ultimate jewelry for your summer looks. They can be combined with almost all summer clothes. With airy light dresses, with the well-known colorful pants, with a more casual outfit, while they can also be worn from morning to night. For your morning shopping in the picturesque alleys, for the afternoon coffee, for your afternoon drink, for a party by the sea, but also many more occasions, the vintage plastic jewelry will make you look dazzling.

• Metallic jewelry: Timeless and classic jewelry that will accompany you on your vacation for safe but at the same time impressive appearances. If you prefer the classic style, choose this type of jewelry to feel comfortable in any look. They are combined with any summer outfit and are also an excellent choice for your evening and evening appearances. Add metallic symbols or pendants to necklaces and bracelets while if you want to give a more summery note you can add colorful beads, metallic elements such as starfish, or some Boho elements such as feathers. For earrings, you can choose the classic hoop silver earrings to which you can also add symbols of your choice or the well-known pin earrings with a symbol on them or with the timeless monochrome beads.

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